3rd A.D.

It’s 2618 and humans are extinct. Four aliens travel to Earth to visit the museum of humanity. There they find the story of the last heroes of humanity, setting out to find help. Welcome to Earth is a short science fiction film created in the Netherlands. It was made with a large group of both professional and amateur filmmakers. To bring the world to life it was filmed on both unique locations and inside sets build specifically for this film. It contains unique designs in both props and costumes. Viewers have described this as a beautiful film with an emotional story. The strong script was one of the driving forces behind the creation of this film. Many crew members and cast members found themselves drawn to the script. The interesting story line was also one of the reasons for director Daan van ’t Einde to The strong and emotional story was one of the most important reasons for director Daan van ’t Einde to work on this film.